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28 Feb 2015 20:44:04 Z

28 Feb 2015 20:44:04 Z

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A few of us will try to keep the front page content up to date with a Neighborhood Calendar and other announcements (let me know if you'd like to be part of this), but the most interesting place for neighbors will probably be the Discussions page. Any registered user can post to these forums. You can subscribe to get Emails when new posts go up so you don't have to constantly check the site for updates..

To get started, click on the Register link in the upper right hand corner. Then go to the Discussions page and there are links and checkboxes to post and subscribe to all posts for a forum or just selected topics. I've tried to get some topics started, please add your own.


The Historical West Portland Place neighborhood is located in University City, Missouri. In addition to convenient Metrolink acces, the neighborhood is in easy walking distance to the U. City Loop, downtown Clayton, and so much more.

The neighborhood is bordered by Kingsbury on the North, Big Bend on the East, Forest Park Parkway/Milbrook on the south, and Flynn Park on the West.

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David O'LearyThanks to everyone that organized and made it out to the block party today! We had great weather, a nice turnout, firetrucks, yummy food, and lots of fun had by all. (Wish I got more and better pics)

4 months ago

    David O'LearyAnother pic from the "parade"

    4 months ago

      aweinbergercreated the topic: Larger Neighborhood Website

      Hey everyone,
      If you find yourself wishing to contact a larger group of people than West Portland Place, you can sign up for NextDoor, a website that...